Another Cat


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Another Cat by EVEREST


released January 1, 2015

All tracks (except, see below) were recorded, mixed and produced by EVEREST between London and Barcelona 2014.


Give Me Some Time - recorded and Produced at Skinny Mammoth Studios (isle of Wight) 2014.

Cover by Miguel Porté
Cover Photo: Nina Martens
The Global Pursuit of Happiness: Boris Petrovsky





Nathan Ridley (Voice)
Javi Perez (Guitar)
Manu Brio (Guitar)
Roby "el labios"(Sax)
Bill Morata (Bass)
Jordi Bosch (Drums)

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Track Name: F to the UNK
This thing that you call rock, it ain't got no roll
Take, this sweet medicine, to get the real beat going.
Give it to me, I know I feel it comin' over
So move closer to me, let me teach you the things you need to...


Feel it rush, tickle your spine,
You start to glow, I made you mine,
This music's got you hypnotized.

I, feel my legs go numb,
You, try to fight the tension,
I got, The F to the U-N-K.
So turn off that radio,
Imma make you swing and make you sway.

It's inside you and me, hear this set you free,
for the groove's gonna let you see...

You know what it's all about....

Ay mi amor, mi amor del mar hermoso,
que perdió la razón, la razón.

Baby I know you know, I know you know...
I know you know what it's all about,
Imma make you scream...and shout.
Track Name: Give Me Some Time
The green grass rises from the misty haze,
I'm too cold, I'm too cold to play,
But give me some time...
Won't you give me some of your precious time.
Yet the sun rises from the bay.
So let the flowing river, take us away.

I said, the green grass rises like the thoughts in my head,
And it's too cold I know I can't make it yet.
But give me some time, give me some time baby,
I'll find the right words to say.

Won't you take me into your wildest dream
So let the doves fly and lead your way,
'Cause in that moment I know you're here to stay

My baby, don't you go.
I know you're here to stay.

So don't you go, losing faith no more
'Cause I can't be losing, face no more

Won't you give me some, of your precious time...

So don't you go messing, with your...
Track Name: Mustash
I said Mr. How dare you, put me aside
I know a little hair I lack.
But if its that important, maybe, If you need me to,
Imma get myself some...


What if he'd stay man, what....If he'd think twice,
He'd see he's no more a man than me.
Ah...Youu, think I ain't got the guts
Just wait 'til I get my...


(hmmm...Go get your...hmmmm...)


Go. Get. Your...
...Some Mustash.

I don't know if I can grow...
I don't know if I can grow...
I'll find my hairy friend like I...
Found my baby by the shore.

I don't know if I can grow...
I don't know if I can grow...
I'll find my hairy friend like I...
Better get myself some...

Track Name: New God's Son
In time the prayers of humanity have been split between the heavens and the hell,
No matter what or who was to save them,
The so called holy believers felt their words, had lost their meaning,
However, there has always been a cult of the damned, who prays on what no others would,
The Apocalypse.

Treacherous demons who bow down to Satan and his kin,
This is the story of the one who embraced his destiny,
to become the devils minion.
Track Name: Sold My Soul
Sold my soul to the devil,
He told me now is the time,
To rise to another level...
Of free choice FOR SOCIETY.

Don't you fear,
He chose you,
To raise your child,
And the legacy will remain...

Come quietly, Don't you raise a brow
It's happening can't you see the signs
Hush now rose, Adrian will rise

Let us CELEBRATE 47 years ago,

The Birth of our New God's Son...

Yeah, Adrian. He'll play with your trust then rip it apart
Yeah, Adrian... Can I Can I...

Can I get a Hallelujah!
I sold My Soul... To... The... Devil

Can I get a Hallelujah!

Hold, your horns, up high...
'Cause Adrian Will Rise...
When I...
When. I. Find. My. Strength. In. Myself.

Don´t you fear,
He Chose you,
To raise your child,
And our legacy will remain

Come quietly, Don't you raise a brow
There's no fiction here, this ain't no dream
It's happening can't you see the signs
Hush now rose, Adrian will rise

Dont... You... Be... Gone.