My Old Man (Let Freedom Come Soon) [Remaster]


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This song was written as a present to Manu's dad. He is now 60, and he deserves all the best for what he has been and for what he has done. We hope he can live the rest of his life in absolut calm and peace!


Got a gentle soul on the outside,
but a rocking fire just waiting to break out

Been to hell and back seen more shit than you and I have,
Let him light up and take us back

Is it 40, 50, 60? Who’s Counting?
‘Cause man it don’t even show

He’s gonna zap you with the winter,
but don’t be scared he’s trying to show you how to get there
(or somehere, show him where he’s taken you man, yeah!)

This young ‘n’ old friend of mine
Seems to always know what’s right,
Listens and believes in what’s good for me
So I got one simple wish for him

Let his freedom knock on his door soon,
So he can welcome it in, sit down with it,
share his skulls and bones and live on forever more

He teaches me, teaches me, the ways of Rock ‘ n’ Roll,
For that I will stay close to my six legged baby and stand tall, for good now

He teaches me, teaches mem the ways of Rock ‘n’ Roll,
and I won’t die ‘til the day that I, teach my own.


released November 22, 2012
Thanks to Ana Cantón, our new super roadie/sound tecnichian/friend/whatever!! She helped us record this song among other things!
- Mixed by G.M.





Nathan Ridley (Voice)
Javi Perez (Guitar)
Manu Brio (Guitar)
Roby "el labios"(Sax)
Bill Morata (Bass)
Jordi Bosch (Drums)

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